The CKM Group social media team is committed to developing a community around your business, polishing your branding, and improving your public relations. Social media continues to be one of the main ingredients when it comes to a marketing plan. In this day and age it’s time to sink or swim.

Let us take a look at your current social media plan. We offer comprehensive social media audits that include progress, content analysis, and competitor analysis. We offer monthly or bi-weekly content calendars with copy written by our in-house specialists.


We offer photography, videography, GIFS, social media progress analysis, and so much more. Our social media plans cater every aspect of your social media to your brand. All of our plans are tailored to how you want to be perceived by the public.

Social Media Management Package

(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all included)

Packags Includes:

Initial consultation

Custom social media profile page/upload images/logo

Social media profile optimization/add business description and details.

Weekly engagement. Engaging with your customers and building relationships and brand awareness is a primary goal when managing your profile, and that inevitably leads to increased business.

Hashtag research. Regularly updated.

Keyword Research/Tagging Research.

Integrate website and social media profiles.

Build links to and from website with posts.

21 interesting and relevant shares/original content posts per platform, WEEKLY, of curated content, original content provided by client, testimonials, some original content created by us. (total 84 shares/posts a month and occasionally more depending on campaign).

Insights Analysis

Monthly reporting

Monitoring of social media profile/customer inquiries and relations.

$800 Per Month